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CRT to be or not to be, that is the question?

Vancouver -   We recently asked the CRT when is the tribunal going to be available to strata property owners.   CRT replied February 5, the CRT has not yet opened; we are awaiting approval for further technology development from the provincial government, and expect that this will be determined in the near future.   Unfortunately, this approval process has delayed the projected start date for the tribunal. We expect that we will be able to begin operations sometime this year.   I am sorry not to be able to provide you with a firmer time line, however please know that our small team is working as hard as possible, within our current constraints, to get the CRT up and running as soon as possible.  The Strata Advocate recently wrote the following: Read more »

Linda Taphorn

Crossroads P.M. President and Vice President Disciplined

Surrey -   Crossroads Property Management Ltd., Gerry Blanchard President and Linda Taphorn Vice President have been disciplined by the Real Estate Council of BC for professional misconduct. Mr.Blanchard, Ms Taphorn and Crossroads were assessed a total of $5,750.00 in fines.  Snippet: The Strata President, instructed Ms Taphorn to not attend the meeting.   Ms. Taphorn was acting contrary to instructions by attending the meeting.  Read more »

Guide Dogs

BC's Guide Dog and Service Dog Announcement

Victoria -   Attorney General and Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton announced that British Columbia’s new Guide Dog and Service Dog Act will come into force on January 18, 2016.  Corresponding changes to the Strata Property Act will also come into force on January 18, 2016.   Strata owners, occupants, tenants and visitors will be able to have their certified guide dog or service dog on strata premises, regardless of tenancy agreements or strata bylaws restricting or banning pets.  Read more »


SPABC Founder Passes Away

Vancouver -   Kevin Thom executive director and founder of the Strata Property Agents of BC (SPABC) passed away October 24, 2015 after a lengthy battle with cancer. Kevin was a charismatic man who was also the Managing Broker at Peninsula Strata Management.   Kevin had spent much of the past 20 years in the strata property arena, he was also the former owner of Teamwork Property Management.   Our condolences to the Thom Family and his co-workers.  Celebration of Life service were held at Peace Portal Alliance.


Strata Manager out of Control

Chilliwack -    On the evening of October 11, 2011 the Chilliwack RCMP attended the 5900 Blk of Vedder Road, after a 911 call was received from the Grace Arbor Strata Council.   The RCMP were informed that Mr. Hackett the Strata Manager and Mr. Hensman owner of Teamwork Property Management were trespassing.    According to strata council, Teamwork Property Management had been fired by the owners at a SGM held October 7. Read more »


Bullies on Council

Ms. Gerard a condo owner residing in White Rock B.C.   She was invited to write an article on the bullying going on in her building.   Unlike a Strata Corporation, Ms. Gerard's building is a Limited Company and instead of a strata council they have a board of directors that must comply with the Companies Articles of Incorporation, the Articles in the Shareholders Lease and the Articles in the Business Corporation Act of B.C.   Read more »


Strata Property Agents of BC President Reprimanded

Vancouver - Rick Dickson, managing broker, Aware Property Advisors Inc., North Vancouver, entered into a Consent Order with the Council that, while licensed with Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation, Burnaby,in October 2009, he committed professional misconduct, by paying money out of a brokerage trust account without instructions from the Strata Corporation, the sum of $37,132.10 to a supplier in satisfaction of a supplier’s invoice, without instructions of the principal.   Mr. Dickson is also the President of the Strata Property Agents of BC. 


Strata Management Survey

Vancouver Island Strata Home Owners Association conducted a survey online on the Strata Management Companies in British Columbia.

 Read more »

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