A Christmas Story

     December 2005 we received our November Strata Council minutes for Chelsea Court from Teamwork Property Management authored by - Scott Ponuick.  On the very last page was the following entry:

New Business –Item 6.6

     Teamwork Christmas for Kids:  Teamwork Property Management has a community program to help needy Children.  Teamwork provides clothing, and gifts to children at Christmas.   Teamwork also provides an education initiative to help Children learn to be giving members of the community helping educate and raise people out of the cycle of poverty.  Teamwork is asking that each Strata Corporation give a gift of $100.00 to assist in this year’s goal to help between two and three hundred Children.

     Dealing with David Hensman and his unscrupulous and unprofessional business practices, I became extremely suspicious of the donations and made inquiries for proof.   I had often wondered if Hensman thanked or acknowledged publicly that the money for his Teamwork Christmas for Kids program was donated by Strata Corporations to Teamwork Property Management and not exclusively by Teamwork Property Management.

        After phoning Mr. Hensman and leaving messages on his voice mail on December 2, and 16th requesting documentation and proof of the donation.  I received no return calls and my letter of request of December 12 went unanswered.   My investigation into locating media sources who may provide proof, took me to the Abbotsford Newspapers and none of the area newspapers had ever heard of the Teamwork Christmas for Children charity.

      This was out of character for Hensman, as he apparently enjoyed the publicity he sought and gained over the years, he was involved in many activities noted on the internet.   He was a Pastor of his own Church and at the time the Chaplain for the Ridge Meadows RCMP.   Mr. Hensman was the local candidate for the Maple Ridge Unity Party in the 2002 provincial election, and he also sought a position with Van City Credit Union board of directors.   Hensman was involved in the International Christian Ministries and the Calvary Church.  Since that time Mr. Hensman founded the Bridge Church and now the Nex Gen Church.  After a lengthy investigation no one had heard about the Teamwork Children’s charity, yet the request for donation in our strata minutes gave the impression the Children's Charity was well established within the community.

     Once again after dealing with the Real Estate Council of BC and their refusal to acknowledge or investigate complaints from strata owners, I wrote a letter to the Attorney General with my concerns, and requested an investigation into the Christmas for Children Donation's.    The AG’s office sent my letter to the Finance Minister, who in turn sent it to the Real Estate Council of BC, the complaint was investigated by Bettina Rodenkirchen who was previously with the Condominium Home Owners Association (CHOA).   On July 31, 2006 almost nine months later, I received the following letter [click here to read letter] from RECBC with a newspaper clipping from the Neighborhood Bugel, which was dated April 26 2006.

      The Neighborhood Bugel (April 21 2006) article mentioned in a short paragraph that Teamwork Property Management had helped more than 70 kids have a better Christmas.  Apparently part of the gift package each child received a $10.00 gift certificate, that they were asked to give to someone else in order to do something for another person who needed a helping hand. (click on news clipping for a larger image)


Investigation Notes

  • *  It is estimated Teamwork's Property Management received $15,000.00 in donations for the Children's Charity.
  • *  Hensman refused to answer all questions regarding Children's Christmas Donation.
  • *  Seventy $10.00 gift certificates total = $700.00.
  • *  RECBC investigation in doubt - after interviewing strata management companies who have been reprimanded by RECBC many investigations are done by phone, there were no office visits.
  • *  Hensman never thanked or acknowledged the Strata Corporations in any form for the donated funds.
  • *  Newspaper - Neighborhood Bugel was located in the same office building as teamwork on South Fraser Way.
  • *  Speculation - Neighborhood Bugel copy seems to have been written by Hensman.
  • *  Speculation - I believe the photo and Bugel article was staged by Hensman.
  • *  Gifts to 70 Children is considerably less than the 200 - 300 Children we were told in our minutes.
  • *  Speculation - The 70 Children were from Hensmans Church.
  • *  Speculation - Hensman has too large of a ego not to do something like this without publicity.
  • *  The Christmas for Children was not held prior to 2005.
  • *  The Christmas for Children was not held after 2005.
  • *  It is not a gift when you tell someone they should give it to someone else.   Why would you do that Hensman?   Another Lie.
  • 2008

  • Stratawatch was informed by reliable sources that $30,000.00 was embezzled from a Strata Corporation by a Teamwork Strata Manager.
  • Stratawatch was informed since then by those in the strata industry this $30,000.00 theft took place.
  • Apparently $15,000.00 was repaid by insurance and the other $15,000.00 was paid by the mother of the thief who also works at Teamwork.
  • A non disclosure was signed between the plaintiff Strata Corporation and Teamwork Property Management.
  • Shortly after this incident a large number of Strata Agents quit Teamwork, apparently they did not want to be associated with the cover up.
  • No Police Involvement.   No Criminal charges laid.
  • Final Note:

    My opinion is the Christmas for kids was a well mastered by Pastor David John Hensman and Nini Nestor, and after learning more about Hensman and his activities over the past ten years, hundreds of phone calls, emails etc, I have come to the conclusion that Dave Hensman is nothing more than a bold face liar, a master manipulator, a bully and of questionable character.   Hensman changes lawyers like most people change underwear.

    I would consider Mr. Hensman a "Con Artist" a "Trouble Maker" and a serious threat to Strata Property Owners.  Hensman threatens Strata Councils members and owners with defamation lawsuits, the minute they decide to fire him, or question him on his ethics, his arrogance is so strong he calls lawyers liars and in his current election pamphlets states that he has made mistakes... those mistakes have been deliberate.  Hensman's moniker is "Are you threatening me" after he antagonizes and bold faced lies to you.

    This past summer 2011 Mr. Hensman published a blog online called "Who is Watching Stratawatch" under the alias of "Frank", Hensman wrote Quote: "Mr. Harper has made violent threats against the well being of several Strata Agents and their families".  "These Agents are willing to sign court affidavits to that effect".  An email was sent to Mr. Hensman requesting permission to post a link from the blog "Who is Watching Stratawatch" to the Stratawatch.ca website, the next morning we received an email from Hensman's Lawyer "Please be advised that you are not permitted to post our client's blog (or any link to the blog) or any material prepared by our client whatsoever without our client's express written consent. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you are expressly prohibited from posting our client's blog (or a link) on the Stratawatch website."  That afternoon the blog was removed.   Mr. Hensman is a liar and will go to no ends to discredit people who oppose him and his sleazy tactics.  On a personal note, I would not trust Hensman with a grocery list.

    This letter written to Mr. Hensman by a lawyer sums it up quite well.  Click Here to Read Letter  This Lawyer is a Hero.  And for all of you who have been terrorized by Hensman's despicable business practices, you are all Heroes, and Bravo to the Brave Strata Property owners and Strata Councils who have stood up to this Tyrant.  Thank you

            Merry Christmas.